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Manufacturer of Pouch Making Machines

About Us

We are the Manufacturer of the World’s Finest Pouch Making Machine. Our portfolio include Shape, Stand-Up, Zipper, Retort, Three Side Seal, Quad Seal, Centre Seal and Spout Pouch Making Machines.

Our Portfolio

We’ve worked for years to offer you the best pouching solutions. Watch the video to get an overview of our products.


Experience the revolution in Pouching with our high performance, reliable, user friendly and cost effective machines. You will be producing pouches 24×7.

Why Us?

Our machines comply with international standards and can be customised depending on the customer’s requirements; meeting both simple as well as complex needs.

We offer highly innovative pouching machines. We assure our clients complete product satisfaction with affordable price, prompt and effective services and our commitment in helping them expand.

Packaging industry has experienced a dramatic change since last few years. Seductive looks, trendy styles, well conserving, hygienic and safe packaging material have been the prime aspects of this change. Now we have come a long way with many technical and scientific developments. Now-a-days packaging of product not merely means a container but style, quality, uniqueness and a lot of other things. Our such concerted efforts have paid dividends in the form of a rapidly growing client base in both Indian and Global markets.

USP of Our Pouching Machines

User Friendly Interface

Standard Parts Available Globally

Swift and Effective Customer Service

No Frequent Maintenance Required

Electric Load Divided Intelligently Across Phases

Zero Break Downs

Easy to Maintain Machines

Enduring Tools for Production

High Production Capacity

Variety of Pouch Converting Available

Maximum Performance even in Harsh Conditions

Secure Remote Maintenance Available

Our Products

Please watch the following videos to get a glimpse of our Pouch Making Machines.

+ 400
Machines Sold
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Skilled Staff
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Machine Models

Our Directors

Mr. Jagat and Mr. Shiv are the founders of Galaxy Packtech Pvt Ltd. Our Directors with the whole Galaxy family are personally available to serve each and every customer whenever any kind of assistance is required. From starting the mantra of Galaxy has been cutting edge innovation and full customer satisfaction.

Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising.

- Milton Hershey