Procurement Policy

We are one of the leading manufacturers of flexible pouch making machines. We are consequently seeking efficient partners who work with us to increase and strengthen the competitiveness of our products.

Procurement Policy

The Purchasing Department of Galaxy Packtech Pvt Ltd is striving for a long-term, close relationship with suppliers / subcontractors in order to achieve maximum efficiency and quality. An open exchange of information and the willingness to cooperate are the key factors of our business policy.

Customer Satisfaction

At Galaxy Packtech Pvt Ltd, the customer is in the focus of attention. He can contact us with any questions he may have when it comes to the production of flexible pouch making machines. The needs and satisfaction of our customers form the basis of our purchasing policy. By joint efforts, we will be able to implement this policy and ensure the optimum in quality, functionality, and efficiency.


We need competent and innovative suppliers for long-term business relationship and their involvement already during the early phases of product development is an essential key to a fruitful cooperation.


For us quality means to offer to our customers efficient, innovative, and environmentally beneficial solutions to their needs and problems. Error prevention is one of our main objectives. The Galaxy Packtech Pvt Ltd Purchase Department is responsible for the quality of purchased parts and services and their compliance with the Galaxy packtech quality standards.


We are aware that the future development of our business is dependent on our yields. We want to enhance the value of our company and provide job security. Yield orientation means for us that our action is geared towards lasting yields and reasonable costs. Our business policy is based on contract compliance and long-term cooperation, but on the other hand we demand excellent performance, adherence to delivery dates, high quality of parts and services and favorable conditions.

Safety and Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is rated high when we develop our machines. For our machines and equipment and the manufacture thereof, we are seeking reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.